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November 02 2019

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A group of villagers in Minecraft.

April 01 2019

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Fighting in a multiplayer battle in Fortnite. Players can use balloons to get a temporary height advantage in the game. The other thing about balloons is that they keep you moving and make you much harder to hit. Much, much harder.
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Dropping in on Fortnite as an X-4 Stormwing plane flies overhead. The planes were a big part of Season 7 in Fortnite, but were removed at the beginning of Season 8.
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Her pickaxe is wrapped and ready for Fortnite battle royale action.
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Swooping in to Frosty Flights in Fortnite.
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Beware the dangerous Durrr Burger.

July 15 2018

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I stream movies and play games. That's what the Internet is for, right? Oh and p0rn. One of the best sites for movies in the past year or so has been Primewire but in the past year it has been going downhill. Now Primewire is just ads and malware. Might be time to stick with Netflix.
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Please, please, please, come through this door.
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Riding shotgun into battle on a golf cart. Typical Fortnite silliness.
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FOUND YOU, LLAMA!!! After about 100 battles, I finally found one of these suckers. Had to use the golf cart to drive around and find it. Only problem? Some loser ran up behind be and jacked my cart while I was looting the llama.

All the challenges for Week 1 in Season 5, including Search a Supply Llama, which for me is now complete.

- Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 total)
- Search a Supply Llama
- Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade Eliminations (Hard)
- Search Chests in Snobby Shores
- Search floating Lightning Bolts
- Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels (Hard)
- Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (Hard)

June 24 2018

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Chilling and chillaxing with music is my thing. Best source these days is Spotify or Emp3.

March 25 2018

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Playing Pokemon Go in Minecraft? Minecraft is fun but there are more games like Minecraft to try. Like Roblox and Terraria!
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Separated by so much.

January 30 2018

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Of all the mobs in Minecraft, I think the sheep is my favorite.
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Behold Steve and his friend the cow!

September 03 2017

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Thinking of Game Ideas

I'm thinking about a Steampunk-themed game. I haven't figured out a lot yet but I have two character names:

Lady Allie Glasglow andLord Amon Hawk. They'll be searching the world for the missing traces of noted explorer Eternity Jenibelle Ethanael. That is all I have so far.

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A girl in black waiting on her bed
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A color sketch of a blonde having trouble with her bikini
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Critical Analysis of Poetry from Soup de Vega

Vega's Quite green beneath the shadows

It's a rollicking tour of the Queen's travels. It is about vision, poking, and a tinge of sadness.

Very brilliant against the water looks at the Demon. Both literal and the figurative demon that lives inside all of us.

August 28 2017


Let's Meet the Bomber in Clash Royale

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The Bomber is revealed in the Training Camp (Tutorial). It's an area damage, medium-ranged troop with low hitpoints and average damage. 3 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Bomber card.

The Bomber's look seems similar to that of a Skeleton, the differences being that it takes a black bomb and wears a blue/red (colour is determined by the right or left side of the Stadium) cap with gold-rimmed aviators' goggles.

The Bomber may be used as a troop that was defensive, having the ability to take Skeleton Army Skeletons, Goblins, and Spear Goblins out more efficiently than most other cards. Barbarians and archers choose multiple hits for the Bomber to remove, so when engaging these targets using the Bomber, ensure that you supply protection just like a Knight or a Giant.

Additionally it is beneficial to protect high hitpoint troops against hordes of low health ground enemies, e.g shielding Giants against an opposing Skeleton Army. If your Bomber is on his own and he should be looked after, the player can execute a fast-fall to dispose with Goblins and Guards.

To do an instant fall, the player must find the Skeletons card and pull them where they need them to go without releasing their finger. Subsequently, they need to pick the Goblins card by delegating it. Ultimately, they need to drop the Skeletons then the Goblins. The Skeletons will be killed by the Bomber as well as the Goblins will take him outside. Notice it is likely to do a fast-fall with any two units while following this convention.

The Bomber cannot attack air units, rendering it vulnerable against Minions and flying troops. But when utilizing the Bomber the player can put protective troops including the Giant or the Baby Dragon.

As a really light troop, the Bomber could be almost shoved by nearly every other troop in the match. Specifically, Spear Goblins can shove the Bomber at their rate. Collectively they are able to engage targets in their comfy range, making for a fast ranged point- splash and target damage back-up for the other troops over the river, or maybe a fast and little Arena Tower push.

For only three Elixir, the Bomber deals solid damage per degree and is among the least expensive counters to Barbarians because of his range. The truth is, it gets a Bomber only three throws to kill same level Barbarians.

It's capable to live Arrows of an identical amount despite the fact that it's low hitpoints. So, using any charm as squandering a Lightning or Fireball Charm to damage a Bomber leads to an Elixir edge for the opponent is a waste of elixir. The player must use either high damage or air troops / high troops that are hitpoint. He can be countered by the Log, nevertheless.

The Bomber can be utilized to take out reasonable hitpoint troops including Mini P.E.K.K.A.s if deployed correctly.

The Bomber is interchangeable with Wizard, depending on the player's preference and approaches.. The Bomber has a larger splash radius compared to Wizard, making him a more appropriate alternative to destroy hordes of ground troops. Yet, he cannot assault air troops and has much less hitpoints.

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